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Wisdom: After Death only 2 options…

After death there are only 2 options; either a person will go to heaven or he will go to hell. There is no third option…

A person will be in hell for 2 reasons: 1) Wrong/False Aqeeda (faith and belief) 2) Bad deeds

*If Aqeedah is correct but deeds are bad, a person will be in hell (for limited period, if his good deeds are less than bad deeds)

*If Aqeedah is incorrect then a person will be in hell for ever

* Many Muslims call themselves Muslims but do not follow Islam…

1) Skip Salah (Prayers)
2) Do not recite Quran
3) Listen to Music and Songs and watch Dance and Movies  and Serials which is Haram…
4) Indulge in immorality, Indecency
5) Giving bad words and abusive languages and disrespecting others in the name of entertainment
6) Telling lies and backbiting
7) Participate, wish and celebrate in Mushrik and unislamic festivals and parties
8) Show off and Arrogant..

You have a choice its either Jannat or Jahannam.. You decide…Where you want to go?

# A weak Muslim with weak Iman will give every excuse for not following and practicing Islam…

A True Muslim with Strong Iman will give every reason for following and practicing Islam…

So which category you are from…

Facts Of Islam

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