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We pray to Allah to increase your thirst to know the facts and truth about Islam. We have touched topics to understand What is Islam and how it is different from what you have heard and seen on TV, read in newspaper and Magazines..

This is a small effort to remove misconceptions about Islam and present the true and real Islam..







Islam is a pure Monotheistic religion which teaches:

*Worship the creator, not creations like humans, animals, nature and natural elements like fire, trees, water, sun, moon, stars and inanimate objects like stones, statutes, paintings, holy books, country or flags.

*As per Islam, Allah (Name of GOD) created us and gave us shape and structure but we humans cannot create God and give shape and structure to GOD in the form of statutes, idols or paintings; who is unseen…

*Allah (Name of GOD) is only ONE (not 3,5,10 or 330 million etc.)

*Allah (Name of GOD) is Unseen (no one knows the shape and color and size and structure)

*Allah (Name of GOD) is ETERNAL (never born and never dies)

*Allah (Name of GOD) has no parents, nor wife and no children like human beings and animals.

*Allah (Name of GOD) is not human, or animal, or inanimate objects like stones, paintings or statues, or nature or natural elements like fire, trees, air, water, land etc.

*Islam is the oldest religion, Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) is the last messenger and Qur’an is a last religious book revealed by ALLAH (Name of GOD) for the guidance of human kind.

*Islam has 5 pillars: Tauheed (Belief in ONE creator), Salah (Namaz), Saum (Roza), Zakat (Charity) and Hajj (Pilgrimage)

*Islam is what is mentioned in Quran and Hadees (Teachings of Prophet Muhamamd-Peace be upon HIM), there is no place for personal opinion like other religion

Islam Fact Check: 60 things you must know about Islam…


  • All Muslims are not Momedeans and not all Momedeans are Muslims
  • All Muslims are not Arabs and not all Arabs are Muslims. (There are Arabs who are Christian and Jews)
  • Muslim is not a religion but a community. Islam is the name of a religion
  • Urdu is not a Muslim language. As per Quran, all languages and colours are from Allah (Chapter 30, Verse nr.22)

E.g. Muslim residing in south India may have south Indian languages as their mother tongue, Muslims living in Gujarat may have Gujarati as their mother language, Muslims staying in China may have Cantonese or Mandarin as their mother language and Muslims staying in USA or UK may have English as their mother language, Muslims in Maharashtra may have Marathi or Konkani as their mother language, Muslims from Punjab may have Punjabi as their mother language. So depending on which states a Muslim lives will be his mother tongue…

  • Green is not a Muslim or Islamic color. As mentioned above as per Quran, all languages and Colors are from Allah. Therefore, Green, Yellow, Blue, Orange, and Black all colors are from Allah “and among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and your colours: verily in that are Signs for those who know”. (Quran: Chapter 30: Verse 22)
  • As per Islam, Allah is not inside the Masjid or Kaaba; but above his creation above seventh heaven. (The Most Merciful [who is] above the Throne established (Quran: Chapter Taha 20: 5)
  • Islam was spread by Moinuddin Chisti (Ajmer Dargah) in India and not by Mughals as wrongly believed
  • Allah is not Immortal but Eternal (never born and never dies(Quran Chapter 112)
  • Allah is not nir- akaar but has an aakar (has a shape); but no one knows the shape and structure; and his shape is not like humans, animals or any of his creation and we cannot imagine his shape .The Holy Qur’an declares that in the Hereafter Believers will see Allah before and after they enter Paradise:(Faces shining brightly [Believers] on the Day of Resurrection will look at their Rabb)[Quran 75: 22-23]
  • Islam is not divided in Sunni and Shia; Muslims are divided among themselves in Sunni and Shia
  • Alcohol, Pork, dead animals, Adultery , fornication, Homosexuality, Indecency and Nudity are strictly prohibited in Islam,;which are the root cause of all the evil in the society
  • Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) is not GOD but Messenger of GOD and HE is not the founder of Islam religion but the last prophet
  • Quran is not the first Allah’s book but last religious book revealed for the guidance of human kind
  • Idol worshipping is irrational and superstition and it is unislamic to give shape and structure to GOD who is unseen
  • Islam is the only religion of Allah & the global religion followed by billions of people
  • Quran is the only religious book which is memorized word to word and read everyday
  • Quran is the miracle which deals with laws, history, universe, science and signs
  • Quran was revealed within span of 23 years on prophet Muhammad (SAWS)
  • Prophet Adam(AS) and EVE(AS) were first man and woman on the earth
  • Moses (Musa-AS and Jesus (Isa-AS) are the prophets of Islam
  • As per Islam, having and creating more than one religion encourages discrimination and hatred and enmity among human beings
  • Islam is pure Monotheistic religion, which teaches a) to worship the CREATOR and not the CREATED. b)GOD is only ONE and Unseen, c) ETRENAL (never born and never dies), d) God has no parents, nor wife, nor children like humans and animals, nor human, nor animal, nor inanimate object or nature, fire, trees, air, water, land.
  • As per Islam, Allah (GOD) created us and gave us structure but we cannot create God and give shape and structure in the form of idols and paintings; who is unseen
  • Islam is the oldest religion of the world; whereas Sanatan Dharma/Hinduism is the oldest mythology of the world.
  • Islam is a practical religion and not a theoretical religion. Islam must be practiced and followed every time and everywhere like we have to be human everywhere and all time
  • Eating non-veg is optional and not compulsory in Islam
  • In Islam, there is no upper caste or lower caste system as all have equal rights
  • In Islam, there is no place for sati and dowry system
  • Black Magic and Superstition is haraam and against Islamic teachings
  • In Islam, there is no superiority on the basis of skin color, nationality, languages, culture, money, status except by piety and good actions
  • As per Islam, Jihad means to strive and struggle to achieve by way of legitimate actions
  • Islam encourages men to marry widow, rape victim and prostitute who wants to live good life like any other woman
  • As per Islam, dead people and rooh (soul) do not come back in the world; satan deceives people by taking form and shape of the person
  • In Islam Jinn are also creation of Allah which are invisible to human kind and can travel in space and other places
  • As per Islam, Heaven and Hell are the destination for the people who do good deeds and bad deeds accordingly
  • In Islam, world is a fact and actually happening and all our deeds, good and bad will be counted and will be judged accordingly on the day of judgment
  • In Islam, person who does a sin only he will be punished and no-one else
  • In Islam, Interest is strictly prohibited and bad for the economy
  • In Islam, only ALLAH has the power to help and fulfill our wishes, as ALLAH is

Ar-Razzaq (The Provider), Al-Alim (All-Knowing), al-Muqit (The Sustainer), al-Zahir (The Manifest), al-Khaliq (The Creator)

  • As per Islam, no one can predict and know future except Allah and only Allah knows when the world will end
  • As per Islam, all children are born sinless and on the deen-e-Islam
  • Character assassination, disrespecting, back bite, Lie, abusive language are strictly prohibited in Islam
  • As per Islam, purpose of life is to worship Allah and follow his laws to reach final destination HEAVEN and life is a test to judge who is the best in doing good deeds as per ALLAH(Quran;67:2, 2:155 and 18:7)
  • Islam is based on 5 pillars Tauheed (Monotheism), Salah (prayers), Saum (Fasting), Zakah (charity) and Hajj (pilgrimage)
  • As per Islam, Allah loveth not the arrogant, boastful, spendthrifts, wasters, corrupters but Allah loveth those who are Just, loveth those who judge in equity,
  • Islam preaches peace if the enemy incline towards peace (Quran chapter 8:61)
  • Islam allows War for weak and Oppressed (Quran chapter 4:75)
  • Islam teaches to pardon, advocate tolerance, and disregard the ignorant (Quran 7:199)
  • Islam teaches to be Kind and Just towards Non Muslims (Quran- chapter 60:8)
  • In Islam Life is Sacred (Al-Anaam 6:151) (Furqan 25:68)
  • Allah never advocates SIN and SHAME (A’raaf7:28)
  • In Islam, Suicide is prohibited (Nisaa 4:29)
  • In Islam, Killing Innocent is as if he slew the whole people (Maidah5:32)
  • Forcing woman to marry against their will is unislamic (Nisa4:19)
  • Woman should not display their beauty; Men and women should lower their gaze and guard their modesty (Quran, Chapter Noor24:30-31)
  • Allah adds to his creation as HE pleases (Quran- 35:1)
  • In Islam there is no concept of reincarnation by transferring of soul to another body or creatures but will be brought to life for the judgment of our deeds; good or bad
  • In HEAVEN there will be true PEACE & in HELL there will be FIRE,PAIN & Destruction
  • Muslims don’t worship Kaba; but it’s a direction towards which Muslim’s pray.
  • In Hindi we call Bhagwan, in English GOD and in Arabic, the name is “ALLAH”
  • Allah is a proper noun and cannot be used to anyone else or anything else whereas Bhagwan and God are used for actors, cricketers, leaders, parents, animals, inanimate objects, nature etc.
  • Its not compulsory for non Muslim to circumcise to be a Muslim; He has to believe in Tauheed (Monotheism) and other pillars of Islam.