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Ayodhya: A Muslim perspective…

The aim of writing this post is not to disrespect any community or talk against any religion, but to present a Muslim point of view on Ayodhya issue…

We Muslims know and understand that Ayodhya is an important religious place of Hindus like for Muslims the Mecca and Medina and Jerusalem is an important religious place.

Then, why Muslims do not allow Hindus to build a temple in Ayodhya…

There are few issues on facts. 80% of populations in India are Hindus, Supreme Court judges are Hindus, High court judges are all Hindus, and then why there is a delay in building Ram temple?

Firstly, whether King Ram was born in Ayodhya or not is controversial…Ram was a king and was born in a palace and  not in a temple.

Secondly, Ram temple was build after Ram was born and not before he was born. It’s no mention in any of the Hindu religious book the exact place where Ram was born…

Thirdly, there are few temples in Ayodhya where the pandit claims Ram was born in that temple and not on the controversial place of Ayodhya.

Fourthly, Masjid can be shifted from one place to another that’s not an issue, but the question is what will be build at that place?

Only Muslims have the right to decide whether a Masjid will be shifted to another place and not Hindus by force.

If temple is built, then Hindus will build statues of Ram and start idol worshipping which according to Islam religion is apman (disrespect) of Allah, tauheen (disrespect) of eshwar and andhvishwas (superstition) and biggest sin.

Also, Ayodhya will be turned into a business place where Hindus will build shops and tourism and make profit.

Another issue is of the title suit and not only of Astha, as the land is registered under the name of Muslim Wakf board.

Total disputed area in Ayodhya is of 65 acres. Even if Hindus get the place, Muslims will claim 65 acres in Mumbai or Delhi or Chennai or UP to build Masjid or Madrasa or may be muslims business market.

*Please comment and share your views and ideas on the topic to solve the issues.

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