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#Sunni and Shia

#  Difference between Sunni and Shia:

Islam is not divided in Sunni, Shia, Bohra, Barelwi, Tableeghi, Sufi or Salafi..Muslims are divided among themselves due to lack of knowledge and wrong interpretation of Quranic verses.

There is basic aqeedah (faith) difference between Sunni and Shia…Below are points of major differences:

1) As per Islam,  we must worship only one God, n ask only God for help like saying ‘O God’ help me and fulfill my wishes….but instead of saying ‘O God’, if you say ‘O man’ help me by taking name of that person, or say ‘O animal’ help me like Cow or Elephant help me, its a shirk n unislamic…as per Islam only God (Creator) can help you n fulfill your wishes…

Shia when they pray, they say ‘Ya Ali’ kar madad…which is unislamic n shirk, as Ali is not God, but human being …n sunni when they pray they say ‘Ya Allah’ kar madad…Allah is the name of God as per islam…

This is one of the main issue where Shias and their sub groups are called kafirs, as they have changed islam and deviated from Islam.

2) Self flagging (Mahattam) done by Shias is nonsense n unislamic as this practice is not mentioned in Quran or authentic teachings of Prophet..

3) using bad words n abusive languages is unislamic; shia give bad words n use abusive language to wife of Prophet Muhammad,  n
3 caliphs in hatred…this is kufr n jahalat, and under Islamic sharia they can be persecuted for blasphemous remarks.

4) As per Islam, Quran is book of Allah (Name of God), revealed to Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and same book is preserved in pure form till date, but few groups in shia claim that present Quran is not original book, and original Quran is with Imam Mahdi, n will be brought in this world when Imam arrives..which is unislamic and kufr as per Islam

5) there are few sub groups in Shia, which claim that Allah (name of God) and Caliph Ali is same…which is shirk and  unislamic..(Iran ex president was one of them)..

As per Islam God is creator and we are creations; and we must worship the creator and not his creations like Sun, Moon, Stars, Air, Water, Statues, Idols, Holy book, Flag, Country,  Parents , Prophets or Avatars etc..

6) Muta marriages or temporary marriages are unislamic as per Islam,  but in Shia groups, it is allowed.

7) As per Sunni islam, no imam or maulana is infallible n are bound to make mistakes as per human nature…but as per Shia, Imans are infallible,  due to which they select their religious leaders who is also their political leader, n believe that they are divinely appointed.

8) Caliphate or leader after Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was unanimously elected by the people, and Hazrat Abu Bakr was the first Caliph, Hazrat Umar was second Caliph, Hazrat Usman was third Caliph and Hazrat Ali was the fourth Caliph..which Shia reject as they believe that leader can only be from Prophets family.

9) In Sunni muslims leader can be from any family if he is righteous and deserves to be the leader, whereas in Shias, leader has to be from Prophets family, which is unislamic, as Nepotism or Dynasty leadership not allowed in Islam.

10) Sunni and Shia praying style are different,  as Sunni take religious teachings from Quran and teachings of Prophet Muhammad which is recorded in authentic books like Sahih-al-Bukhari, Sahih Muslims…

11) Sunni means people who believe in sunnah of Prophet meaning teachings of Prophet Muhammad,  Shia means group, indicating a group supporting Caliph Ali..which do not make sense as Hazrat Ali use to follow Prophet and was himself Sunni in that sense.

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