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Types of SHIRK

  1. Shirk in Association with Allah: This is a denial of Tawhid ar-Rububiyah by means of associating equal or lesser partners to Allah done by non Muslims.
  2. Shirk by Negation: This is a denial of Tawhid ar-Rububiyah by means of denying the existence of Allah altogether. Most obviously, this is a sin committed by Atheists and those who follow faiths which deny the existence of Allah, such as Buddhism.
  3. Shirk in denial of Asma wa sifaat: This is a denial of Tawhid al-Asmaa was-Sifaat and also giving human attributes to Allah which Allah has not given to himself like; Allah feels fatigue, so much so that after He created the universe, He needed to take a rest for an entire day! This is refuted in Ayat Al-Kursi.
  4. Shirk in Asma-wa-Sifaat:  It means giving Allah’s attributes and names to humans, wali, nabi or rasool. e.g.: Allah is Sami al baseer, Allah is A’limul gaib, Allah is Ar razzak and Ash Shafi… and if a person say even wali or nabi is al Sami or baseer , even wali or nabi is A’limul gaib, even wali or nabi is hazir o nazir , even wali or nabi or any human is provider, sustainer and fulfill wishes is  shirk in Allah’s Sifaat… which unfortunately many Muslims are involved in..
  5. SHIRK in dua: Only Allah can help, heal and fulfill our wishes. Iyyakana budu wa iyyakanastaeen…If any Muslim ask for help or believes any human, wali or nabi can fulfill his wishes is a SHIRK in dua which also throws out of Islam…
  6. Shirk in action: if a Muslim don’t believe in shirk but promotes and advertise shirk is considered SHIRK in action. Like wearing shirt which has Pics of idols worshiped by non Muslims, or words or sentence which has shirk or music or qawwali or song which has shirk in it or any act where intend is not shirk but actions are of SHIRK

Acts of worship directed towards others instead of Allah – this can be praying to prophets, saints, celestial objects, idols etc. This is the worst sin anyone can commit is it denies the very reason of our existence.

7. Shirk in Love: Shirk is allowing the love of anything to become an obsession. Money and Nationalism also come into this category. Nationalism (extreme love of one’s nation) is the most common cause of war, and often results in hatred and atrocities being committed…

8. Riya: The hidden shirk – Showing of your deeds like praying, hajj, charity falls in the category of Riya which is a kind of SHIRK. Fawaylullil musaleen. Allazinahum A’n salaatihim sahoon..

9. Incospious SHIRK: Not happy with Allah’s decision. This type implies being inwardly dissatisfied with the inevitable condition that has been ordained for one by Allah; conscientiously lamenting that had you done or not done such and such or had you approached such and such you would have had a better status, etc.

SHIRK puts a Muslim out of fold of Islam… Stay away from any kind of Shirk whether SHIRK in Asma wa Sifaat, Shirk in Dua, Shirk in action, Shirk in beleif

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