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What is Halaal meat (Zabiha)

Zabiha (Halal) is the best way of sacrificing animal…Halal is Hygienic..

In Non Zabiha, butcher kills animal by breaking the bone of the neck by hitting forcefully in jhatka, becoz of which animal dies and feels lot of pain, and blood do not flows out of body which are the carrier’s of germs and reaches till pain receptors in the brain… In forceful blow on the neck, not all the blood is drained, leaving the meat tougher and drier..

“In Jhatka, chances of blood clotting are higher. This could spoil the meat if it’s kept uncooked for a few days. It could also make the meat tougher to chew.” and animal feels lot of pain.

In Zabiha (Halal) method , they don’t break the bone of the neck, instead cut the nerves in front of neck and make sure all blood comes out of body and do not reach the pain receptors which is in the brain, and animal do not feel pain. The animal may appear to struggle and kick but that’s due to the contraction and relaxation of muscles deficient in blood rather than pain….

If animals have any virus or germs in the body, it comes out with blood and meat remains fresh for long time and healthy to eat.

Dr V K Modi, head of department of meat technology at the Central Food Technology Research Institute in Mysore, says the halal method is effective in draining out most of the blood from a slaughtered animal, which is vital if its meat is to be soft.

In olden days there were no fridge or method to preserve meat as a result Zabiha (Halal) meat remains fresh n healthy to eat for longer days as compared to non Zabiha .

Halal has been the traditional method of killing animals for meat…

# Eat fresh, Eat healthy, Eat Zabiha (Halal) meat…

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