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Why Desh Bhakti, singing Vande Mataram and saying Bharat Mata ki Jai is Unislamic?

*Islam is a pure monotheistic religion which teaches worship the creator, and not his creations. GOD is ONE and only HE is worthy of worship.
*Worshiping any human being dead or alive; or worshiping animals like cow, snake or any other creatures; or worshiping any inanimate objects like stones, idols, holy books, flags; or worshiping nature and natural elements like sun, moon, star, trees, fire, wind, water and land etc is Unislamic and is a SHIRK.
 *We need to look at the meanings of Desh Bhakti and Vande Mataram.
*Bhakti means worshiping eg. In Hindus people call themselves Ram bhakt which means worshiper of Ram; which they claim to be GOD in flesh and bone, and in human form.
 *Desh bhakti means worshiping land or a country; which is unislamic. As per Islam we must respect the land and country but worthy of worship is Allah the creator alone. So saying or calling one self  as desh bhakt is unislamic, but calling a person desh premi is allowed.
 *Singing Vande mataram too means worship your motherland. As explained above only Allah (God) is worthy of worship who created everyone and everything in universe and saying Vande mataram is unislamic, but Desh prem is allowed as clarified above.
 *Saying Bharat Desh ki Jai is fine, but saying Bharat Mata ki Jai  is o Unislamic as India is portrayed in the form of Durga, a Hindu goddess and worshiped in the form of Idols.
*Note: Dont get fooled by communal groups and political parties, who defines nationalism and patriotism on the basis of their likes and dislikes for personal benefit…
*Jago Indians Jago  (Y)

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