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#Jihad in Islam

The term Jihad is Arabic word which means to strive and struggle, and has appeared in Quran several times.

Jihad is hijacked by terrorist and misused by anti-Muslim and anti-Islam groups and media to disrespect Quran and Islam.

“Every human being and living being do Jihad (Sangharsh) everyday in their daily life to live and survive…”

We will explain the meaning of the word and clarify the misconception by giving examples to understand.

Jihad can be categorized in 3;

  1. Jihad al Nafs
  2. Jihad against injustice
  3. Jihad for daily survival

1)      Jihad al Nafs: The first type of Jihad is to do Jihad against our own evil desires and lust, and control our mind from doing wrong and evil things and habits.

Jihad al Nafs is considered as the greater Jihad, as we have to do every day to control our mind and ourselves from doing bad and evil things and habits.

It is a spiritual striving to attain nearness to God.

2)      Jihad against Injustice: Its clearly mentioned in Quran to do Jihad for Weak and Oppressed against the oppressor (Quran 4:75), and in self-defense (Quran 2:190)

Jihad in self-defense against the enemy, fighting against injustice and oppression either by physical war or legal war, also Jihad by going on strike.

Example 1: Indian army fight against terrorist on the border, is doing Jihad against terrorists, Indian government fight war against corruption and black money is doing Jihad against corruption, Police fighting the criminals is doing Jihad to maintain peace in society.

Example 2: Supreme Court and High Court giving justice to victim, are doing Jihad against injustice.

Example 3: In Ramayan, Ram did Jihad against Ravan; in Mahabharat, Pandavas did Jihad against Kauravas.

3)      Jihad for daily survival: People who go for work to earn and meet basic needs of life are also doing Jihad; as they have chosen halal (Islamicaly correct) way to earn money instead of going wrong way and earn haram to live life.

Example 1: All farmer who work in field, all taxi and auto rickshaw drivers, all labourers, all employees working in office and corporates, travelling in jam packed train or buses are examples doing Jihad in their daily life.

Example 2: People who are suffering from illness and diseases are also doing Jihad with their will power to live and ty hard to defeat their pain and illness.

# Jihad is the part of Life…

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