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Why eating Prasad unislamic…

As per Islam any food given or offered in the name of deities or idols or gairullah (in the name other than Allah) is unislamic and Haram to eat.

Allah is the proper noun and name of one true God as per Islam.

Below are the Quranic verses which clearly prohibit any food or meat offered in the name of gairullah (in the name other than Allah) as unislamic and Haram:

“If you are believers of His evidences, eat the things which Allah’s name is mentioned.” (6:118)

“Do not eat from which Allah’s name is not mentioned as a deliberate sin. Certainly, the strayed ones incite their allies to strive against you. If you obey them, you surely become polytheists.” (6:121)

And there is the cattle which are forbidden to mount and there is the cattle which they do not mention Allah’s name (while slaughtering). All of these, they do by slandering Allah and Allah will punish them for their slanders.” (6:138)

or that which is slaughtered in a name other than of Allah as a deliberate sin. Whoever falls into a state of necessity (and eats) without (the intention of) transgressing and without exceeding the limits (let him know that) your Lord surely forgives and shows mercy.” (6:145)

Hence, eating Prasad or any other food is unislamic if they are given or offered in the name of gairullah and Allahs name not mentioned; And also it encourages andhvishwas (superstition) and establishes another new religion, tradition and custom which is unislamic.

According to Islam religion, there is only one God, and one God means one God; one God is not equal to 3 Gods, one God is not equal to 5 Gods, one God is not equal to 33 Crore Gods.

One God created all Hindus, Muslims, Christians and is the god of all Indians, Pakistanis, Arab, Chinese, Japanese, Africans, Americans and everyone.

As per Islam One God has created only one religion…commonsense, why will one God create more than one religion and make people fight amongst each other with contradicting laws.

If there is more than one religion in the world, it increases hatred, enmity and discrimination, and India is one of the best example where we see riots, hatred, enmity and discrimination.

Also, Idol worshiping is unislamic, andhvishwas (superstition) and disrespect to God. Islam is a pure Monotheistic religion which teaches:

Islam is a pure Monotheistic religion which teaches:

*Worship the creator, not creations like humans, animals, nature and natural elements like fire, trees, water, sun, moon, stars and inanimate objects like stones, statutes, paintings, holy books, country or flags.

*As per Islam, Allah (Name of GOD) created us and gave us shape and structure but we humans cannot create God and give shape and structure to GOD in the form of statutes, idols or paintings; who is unseen…

*Allah (Name of GOD) is only ONE (not 3,5,10 or 330 million etc.)

*Allah (Name of GOD) is Unseen (no one knows the shape and color and size and structure)

*Allah (Name of GOD) is ETERNAL (never born and never dies)

*Allah (Name of GOD) has no parents, nor wife and no children like human beings and animals.

*Allah (Name of GOD) is not human, or animal, or inanimate objects like stones, paintings or statues, or nature or natural elements like fire, trees, air, water, land etc.

*Islam is the oldest religion, Muhammad (Peace be upon Him) is the last messenger and Qur’an is a last religious book revealed by ALLAH (Name of GOD) for the guidance of human kind.

*Islam has 5 pillars: Tauheed (Belief in ONE creator), Salah (Namaz), Saum (Roza), Zakat (Charity) and Hajj (Pilgrimage)

*Islam is what is mentioned in Quran and Hadees (Teachings of Prophet Muhamamd-Peace be upon HIM), there is no place for personal opinion like other religion.

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